Leo Joseph Polk, "The Voice"
Owner, Band Leader | Polk Entertainment
A 45-Year Music Veteran, Leo Joseph Polk Always has Something to Sing About

Meet Leo Joseph PolkThe son of a professional gospel musician, Leo Joseph Polk often visited his mother at Duke/Peacock Records, an activity that gave him early exposure to such luminaries as Ray Charles and B.B. King. Inspired since then to make music his life's work, Mr. Polk has devoted no fewer than 45 years to the industry. He has enjoyed a colorful career as a singer, musician, and band leader.

Lovingly known as "The Voice," Mr. Polk has earned comparisons to Luther Vandross and Louis Armstrong, and has even portrayed the latter off-Broadway. He is no less distinguished as a trumpeter, having recorded under Joleo Records a CD of instrumentals entitled, "The Pleasure Was All Mine."

Also a successful businessman, he now celebrates two decades at the helm of Polk Entertainment, a company that provides live music for special occasions.

Leo Joseph Polk, "The Voice"
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